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Thug Love- Chinese Coal Boss Hires Thugs to Duke it Out with Villagers- Unrest in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 28, 2011

Chinese culture today is pretty thug, especially when it comes to money. In this story some coal bosses strap it on with some locals. I guess the coal bosses can be bastards. They are basically ignorant people who happened to live over top of land with some coal beneath it. think of Jed Clampet’s evil twin brother or maybe GWB , that kind of folk. Anyway these guys are coal barons and China needs her energy right now. Due to horrible shortages China is worried about not having enough coal so these guys get cut a wide swath or are not treated too badly. So being from China these guys send their burdens off to study in foreign countries but do not want to pay their workers the niggardly wage of U$4 per day. The workers get upset and here is what you have….

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