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China Bans Smoking, Sort of…- Laws in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 30, 2011

China news sources say that Guangzhou is going to crack down on illegal smoking. China outlawed smoking in public places, and I guess they set that law on the self next to the one about no bribery nor fraud, nor plagiarism, nor hookers,,, oh but I digress.
Anyway, in true Chinese form the law was enacted, a bunch of fat buck-toothed sons of guys who traipsed around China running from and then eventually fighting the KMT (long march) happily declared their job complete and soon thereafter they waddled out to meet their second wives or mistresses (er ni) as they are called, and proceeded to quaff Maotai, smoke cancer sticks and forget all about that law. The Chinese police, ever vigilant, also seem to either have forgotten about or misunderstood the law for as of today no one in Guangzhou has been convicted under it…
You may be thinking, so what? Maybe the Chinese are obeying the law. In which case I would look at you with disgust/pity and marvel at your naiveté. For anyone who has spent time in the land of despair and drought, China, can tell you that in true Chinese fashion they smoke everywhere. Unwilling/able to put of gratification, they spark up in toilets, stores and even elevators. So, to have an anti- smoking law in China is as useless as telling the fine young men on Wall Street to be honest…Oh yeah, it does not hurt that all tobacco companies in China are state owned, so the communists profit from the sales and also lung cancer deaths, call it a double whammy of good fortune. For from the sales, they obviously can skim off more profits for themselves- allegedly, and if a few million more die of cancer, who cares, it just means less red Maos to be spent on health care and social security.
Ok rant over… bottom line. China has a law, as soon as you have read these words and you are not laughing then you do not understand this place so go read Peanuts comics or something…

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