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China To Give Foreigners Social Security- Old Age Filled with Cat Food and Misery

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 30, 2011

China news agency chinadaily said that

Chinadaily  news agencies reported that “BEIJING – China plans to include all foreign workers in its social security system starting from July, a senior social security official said on Monday.

Oh geez thanks China. you mean i can now enjoy the same shitty Chinese healthcare (oxymoron) and toxic fake medicine as the locals do? In addition, I can count on receiving that same 10U$ monthly retirement check, yippeee.
While I appreciate the effort, to me there is something about entrusting my life to a doctor who was taught medicine in China. Maybe I am overreacting, but when I to go a place with a bad case of pink eye and am told I have ‘fire in my body’ or I am racked in pain from strep and am told to eat some worm husks, i tend to question their ability. So I would have to say that the offer is kinda nice and touchy feely and we can all say ‘hey uncle chicom is not such a bad guy after all’ but I’d prefer to be in charge of my own health, thank you….As for retirement, if I have to rely on the benevolence of uncle chicom than I am more fked than I can imagine.

One Response to “China To Give Foreigners Social Security- Old Age Filled with Cat Food and Misery”

  1. Daniel Bos said

    Maybe next time you should go to an actual hospital, instead of a glorified witch-doctor… If you want I can get some recommendations for your…

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