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China’s Drought, Did China Reinvent the Disastrous Great Leap Forward?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 30, 2011

In Chinese history there are bright spots and some crap. The great leap forward was one of the less glorious in her history. In essence it was an attempt to modernize China and the result of this ill-planned and ill-conceived movement was that tens of millions died of starvation as farmland was laid to waste, crops were hoarded so the government would think that the plan was working, and ended in misery and strife. The great leap forward ended in 1961. The current drought China is suffering is the worst people have seen in many areas since 1961, so its a little spooky. While we as a world are experiencing global warming, some say the Chinese have ameliorated this through mismanagement of resources, building the three gorges dam, and wanton destruction of land vz unsupervised production leading to contaminated water and dead land. Read the report below from the China daily and dont you feel that China’s ecological problems are at a crucial state…It is a fact that China’s two largest fresh water lakes are drying up and some areas have seen 40-60 % less rainfall.

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