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Martial Law Declared in Inner Mongolia China after Riots

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 30, 2011

Chinese are becoming upset with a lot of the crap that local cadres, are are pulling on them. A big one is the perceived theft of land and then its sale for a huge profit while compensating the rightful owners a paltry sum. Another is that in China, by law…. oxymoron, yo have the right to petition or complain when your perceived rights have been trampled upon. But of course in China this can lead to bad things The article below is an example. The Chinese are alleging that a man who was exercising his right to complain was murdered by local thugs..
Oh yeah a side story is that the man who died is an ethnic minority and in China although they claim to have peace and harmony, there seems to be little of that in highly ethinc areas…

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