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Getting High in China- China Drug Facts

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 1, 2011

China news source chinadaily said that 89,000 cases of drug related crimes were cracked in 2010 , leading to the arrest of 89,000 people. In addition 214,000 more people became addicted to drugs.

2 Responses to “Getting High in China- China Drug Facts”

  1. gowron said

    Believe me I was stoned all the time…. but it wasn’t drugs. 100% truthful seriousness. It was from lack of oxygen, everywhere you went either reeked of public washrooms, tobbaco-sweat, garbage, grime, disease, puss, washrooms, rotten Sanlu milk, Washrooms, disease and decay. and more pus, this isn’t taking into account the lack of oxygen because everyone else is trying to breath, and young men playing “basketball”…. believe me I was alot dumber than I am now, which is pretty dumb, that’s why you’re not responing to my posts anymore.
    One more year That’s it. my dad better have his go back to Canada affairs sorted by then. I’m taking the cat, and going back.

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