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China Clarifies Hacking Accusations- China Denies Supporting Hacking Gmail

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 3, 2011

Ever the the vicars of morality and justice, the Chinese have issued a staunch “Allegations that the Chinese government supports hacking activities are completely unfounded and made with ulterior motives,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told reporters Thursday..(chinadaily).

Whew… thanks for clarifying uncle chicom, I would hate to think that we misinterpreted this act as one that was politically motivated. The fact that the hacks plaguing gmail the service provided by the perennial pain in your ass Google originated from China , but you do not condone this. Sure the fact that they originated form here is no proof you guys would benefit from gathering info from these guys. The fact that the mail accounts hacked were more Germain to the Chinese vz rights defenders, and people who have an interest in the two large western provinces in China, but I am sure that any info garnered from this attack would not be useful to you guys…

Oh yeah, xinhua had this to say ” Google’s compaints had “become obstacles for enhancing global trust between stakeholders in cyberspace.”
Hmm is that the impediment. Foolish me, I was thinking the huge trust gap springs from uncle chicoms constant attempts at espionage, your lack of transparency, history of lies and treachery that are obstacles… or maybe its just me.

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