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Chinese Zoos Practice Killing Tigger the Tiger

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 3, 2011

Sometimes Chinese are pretty odd, the following is a good example. In what was supposed to be a training session, Chinese cops ‘hunt and kill Tigger the tiger’. The drill was to replicate a tiger escape scenario. So being wise people here, they stuffed some bumbling teen into a Disney outfit and then chased him Red Guard like, till he was cornered. Once found he was then ‘subdued’ in true Chinese fashion.
What was not reported, however, was that due to the exuberance of the staff, they temporarily forgot that it was merely a training activity and and elderly man by the name of Kong took to gouging at the eyeballs of the fallen tiger calling him a filthy capitalist pig and blaming him for all of the ills of modern China. Mr Kong was awarded a small amount of cash for his heroic actions although they enhanced the training not one bit. The idiot in the costume, now possession a large shiner demanded compensation but was told it was his fault for wrapping his frail frame in the attire of a barbarian icon.

from here

A tiger hunting game in SW China zoo

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