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Ad Ideas, New Site etc- Me Rambling to Myself

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 7, 2011

I am sitting on the fence right now. I’ve bought a link to self host my blog but what a pain in the ass. You practically have to have a phd in IT to figure it all out. You’ve got to configure the PHP mail account and then go to the root director of the cyber gloat function and then use a linux compiler to debug- wtf?
Yeah no lie, I bought 3 names and will point all of them to this blog. But now, after beginning the task I am like a skinny little kid who has too much mashed potatoes on his plate on Thanksgiving day. It all looked like so much fun till I got my fingers into it then after 7 hours messing IT staff from my host over the weekend I want to violently jab myself in the face with chopsticks, but I am stuck, I did make the investment so ….

WordPress is cool, they treat you like a dolt and it is all user friendly etc. But if you self host you use wordpress.org which is like wordpress.com’ s emaciated bald headed sister. Its a really pain in the ass. You have to find plug in’s wtf ever that means and then configure stuff. Configure stuff, is like IT talk to make you realize just how dumb you are. Configure a plugin the lady at my new host told me, I am like if you were speaking to an American how would you say that?

So anyway I have the site and for the past few days I post here and there and eventually will migrate- IT word for move, this site to there. But now I am unsure. On the other one I can run ads, but then the gods of fate shit all over my day when I found out that several large ad providers can cancel ads to your site at any time. What this translates to is that you cannot drop ‘f’ bombs and the like or they can call you a bad ad risk. I say fuk that! If I cannot do as i have been doing for the past 1.5 years, then the dollar or two I’d get by running ads is not worth it. If metaphorically tonguing Google’s hole for a few bits is what it takes, then no thank you.

Anyway Amazon is a good option and a thing called flattr seems cool. I have heard adbrite is pretty pimp but I really dont know.

Bottom line, this post was nothing more that me talking to myself and a waste of your time. If I move the new site url will be http://www.topchinablog.com
I did get the others wtdevflnt.com and then decided that both of those were too short and I needed a longer an more confusing one so in a fit of lunacy purchased
Right now http://www.topchinablog.com has a few days worth of stuff and a 22 vid and the other two will eventually move to that site. But I am tired and do not know how long it will take. If I decide to ‘migrate’ my freaking site, I will ‘holla’ at ya….

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