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Poison Pork in Shanghai China- Chinese Toxic Food

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 9, 2011

In China they had a problem with poisoned pork, or so the Chinese news sources said. The issue was that pork producers were using clenbuteral to make Miss Piggy more trim and lean. The problem is that clenbuteral can cause heart issues, valve related, I believe. So in Shanghai some lazy officials had nothing better to do and they went around checking the pork and low and behold only 1% of the pork still had clenbuteral, for China this is good. The bad news is that another 5% had two other drugs who are just as harmful as clenbuteral, ie Salbutamol and ractopamine. The bottom line is that Chinese are like hackers, no matter what controls you put in place, they will find a work around.

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