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Shitty Chinese TV, Space Rockets and Pride

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 9, 2011

Uncle c -communist party, has shut of all the good cable channels leading up to their 90th anniversary. The party is too worried about un ‘red’ thoughts, no kidding. They have been blocking shows that may warp the minds of the people or take away from the glory forthcoming. To me this spells dogcrap TV and boredom.
As we speak I am watching cctv13 or communist propaganda to the 13th power. They are talking about some Chinese rocket that apparently shot a hunk of Chinese junk into space. The junk apparently did lazy circles around the moon and probably rained toxic particles doing irreparable harm, or maybe like the olympics the whole thing is CGI. Anyway, they play this bullshit music trying to make the thing seem epic and the whole time I’m thinking that the rest of the word has been sending orbiters to space for 60 years now, so come on China , its about time you caught up.

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