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Poem About Chinese Leader Lands Man in Jail- Chinese Justice

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 10, 2011

Chinese justice is often a misused term. Some would take it to mean that China has an actual system in place based upon which there are rules and regulations governing what the people can and will do. Justice in China, however, comes in many forms. Take the case of Fang Hong a local chinese, for example.

Fang Hong was apparently displeased with Bo Xilai, a communist of some repute who is the head capo of Chongqing china, home of some of the best food in the world. Mr Bo, or bobo as he is affectionately known by the family members he has left, was stuck in Chongqing to replace some other communist who had a thriving drug and hooker business and forgot to ‘kick up’ to the higher level capos and was thus executed.
Bobo has now turned Chongqing into a communist dream. He has mandated that 37 ultra-nationalist songs be memorized by all the citizens and has shown himself to be a crimson example of communism.
This guy Fang, however, was pissed so he made a poem of bobo comparing some of his actions to feces….
In order to obtain the rights to the Olympics Beijig made many promises, one of which was to allow more freedom of expression, so maybe Fang thought that china was true to their word and he uploaded the ill-fated work.
Not surprisingly, Fang is now in Cell Block C of some Chinese penal institution awaiting to do a year sentence of ‘re education through labor’ -WTF?

Are you kidding? This guy writes a poem comparing a communist leaders policies to scat and he gets a year in the pokey and Li Qiming, the son of Li Gang the once head of a Chinese Police Bureau kills a woman while drunk driving and only gets 6 years? I guess this is what you would call ‘justice’ with ‘Chinese characteristics’

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