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Chinese Guy Allows Girlfriend to Walk Him Like a Dog in The Streets- China Photo

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 13, 2011

Chinese dudes have it rough. I do not know why, but those who have left China seem to have a bigger stature, more western, but not here. In addition to this, the poor Chinese have about 30,000,000 spare men which leads to an excess of labido driven guys who spend an inordinate amount of time at massage parlors or playing video games. Or they might just do like this guy. This story is from weirdasianews.com and the idea is that this man (using the term loosely) has upset his girlfriend by not buying her a dog, so when they go outside, he now allows her to treat him like the dog he has not purchased. She ‘walks him on a leash and he carries her purse’.
I don’t know what you guys think of the local fare in terms of women, but I’d have to say that for a country with so many people, they have failed to unlock the genetic miracle of accessing or using the beauty gene here. You can walk for miles and miles and miles and look at the women and feel nothing but disappointment. This is not to say that even if they had straight white teeth and a full head of hair that your typical man would allow them to treat him like this, but at least it would make their bizarre ways more palatable.
Story from here http://www.weirdasianews.com/2011/05/26/bizarre-street-scenes-chinas-streets/
leash Bizarre Street Scenes on Chinas Streets picture
The Chinese Internet buzzed with opinions, drawing more than 1,400 comments.
Who are these two anyway? The man, named Feng, is math teacher at a senior high school who holds a pink handbag and yellow fan, which he uses to fan his girlfriend periodically as they walk along the boulevard. His girlfriend, Tang, was oblivious to onlookers as she “took him for a walk to see the outside world.”
The meaning of the interaction between the two is that she wants a Chow Chow dog, which he feels is too expensive. In lieu of buying her a dog, he is he is allowing Tang to treat him as if he were one.

4 Responses to “Chinese Guy Allows Girlfriend to Walk Him Like a Dog in The Streets- China Photo”

  1. Jason Ryan said

    Dude, I like reading your blog but as an English teacher and English major the number of grammar and spelling errors per post sometimes exceeds my ability to ignore. Case in point, “excess of labido driven guys”–labido ain’t in the dictionary and it’s a key word in this post.

    If there are squiggly red lines on the screen don’t think it’s due to sleep deprivation–right click and fix it, PLEASE.

    I gotta believe that I’m not the only one thinking this.

    • wtdevflnt said

      Good point J! Yeah I read back over my stuff sometimes and I am like wtf was that supposed to mean. I am just being sloppy in my writing. The thing is that I sometimes send the posts via mail and they dont catch all of the errors, so absent those lines, I just ship off the post. But yeah i hear ya and the incidence of typos is crazy

      • Jason Ryan said

        Ah, I didn’t know you were blogging via email….. I always re-read my posts a few times before publishing, and re-read after too. If I’m tired or whatever the number of type-o’s and whatever are nuts so I usually catch them later…..

        Anyways, I think if you put a little more time into editing it will make your stuff more readable….just sayin’….


      • wtdevflnt said

        No J, you are right. Really its 93% sloth. I have seen the comment before and really when I read some of my stuff I think what is this garbage and wonder what you guys must think when trying to decipher it. Re-writing my stuff has never been my strong point, but I appreciate your comment. Also, loved the photos you’ve put up and will reblog the guy chilling on his parked scooter.

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