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Chinese School Makes Kid Strip Naked for Touching HImself- WTF?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 13, 2011

China has some bizarre news, teachers, culture , mostly everything, but this is super odd. From chinahush a kid in China refused to go to school “…Because one of the teachers took his pants off in front of the class to punish him for playing his penis. The president of the kindergarten has come to apologize for it and agreed to pay back all the tuition fees. Tao Tao’s kindergarten has over 20 teachers with all the licenses and good qualifications.” WTF?
I think in most civilized countries the morals, ethics, propensities of the teacher would be questioned and he’d be gone. But this is China and the rich make the rules, the rest merely suffer.
(from http://www.topchinablog.com)

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