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Vietnam Sends Message to China-

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 14, 2011

Vietnam is upset with China for her actions in the South China sea but news sources report that many in Vietnam feel that Vietnam’s leaders are not doing enough to discourage China’s presence in the area. In order to overcome this perception of weakness, the Vietnamese government has issued a decree explaining who will be exempt should a ‘military call up ‘ be necessary. (BBC news)
The idea is that Vietnam wishes to show they won’t be pushed around and in all honesty they have been upset with the US in the past for their incursions into the waters as well. At issue right now, however, is the fact that there is much anxiety in the region about China’s military build up and it is must a matter of time till someone gets pushed beyond their limits. China, for her part, maintains that peaceful dialogue must continue…..

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