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China Too Corrupt for Anti-Corruption Site

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 18, 2011

China is so corrupt that they can’t even begin to untangle the web of fraud from the clutches of the powers that be. I blogged here about an anti bribery website or sites in China that sprang up last week. The idea, springing from or knocking off an idea from India, was that if one was forced to pay a bribe then they could go online and report it. The problem is that the jackbooted thugs who run this place are calling the sites illegal and saying they must be registered. Therein lies the problem, you register and then you open this up and the jack booted thugs come to your house beat and sodomize you and then throw you into jail. So the chinese, being smart will not register the sites, thus they will be taken down.
I am sure glad that China was given the Olympics so they can improve the conditions of the commoner today…..(also posted here)

2 Responses to “China Too Corrupt for Anti-Corruption Site”

  1. gowron said

    Plus their mascots were all gay. Literarly.

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