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Chinese Officials Under Fire For Abusing Their Power?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 22, 2011

Tongxia is a place in China. And in this place some officials, read as king red or  communist members have come under fire for purchasing luxury villas. The question posed by some news sources is if those officials may have over stepped their bounds and abused their power, as it were to get the land. Hmmmm lets see. A guy who makes 30,000 per year has multiple houses valued at millions….allegedly. But of course this is purely speculation on my part as I believe that the current party members are as red as the Great Chairman Mao, well maybe not as red. For instance Mao , for a period abolished ranks in the military, like the man or not, he ran a tight ship and we would not be reading about all of these officials running off with tens of millions in cash. I guess it could be that the modern officials are undergoing an identity crisis of sorts…

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