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Exploitation of Laborers in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 26, 2011

Photo of Manual Laborers in China
These guys are manual laborers in China. They typically make around 130U$ per month when and if they get paid. According to official Chinese statistics, in 2004 some 700,000 Chinese worders were never paid almost U$400 million dollars.
Yeah, U$400 million went unpaid to these guys and that was before the Olympics, and the growth spurt of today. Can you imagine how much they’ve been screwed out of lately?
In a sense, I have come to learn much about China and now agree with the 70% who have no respect for the wealthy here. While the chinese newspapers tout the number of billionaires, they frequently will not tell where the money came from. When they do, a high percentage of it comes from land development.
How can we respect those who earned their money by stealing land from farmers,then drinking and soaking up the ktv nightlife with their favorite er ni or second wife, read as prostitute, as the workers slave away for next to nothing, including medical care. And then when the building is done, the people who have done the work do not get paid.
If you have never been here you may say , ‘hey I know a guy named Joe Farfot who got screwed out of a days wages by Mr Timmons’ and i would pat your thick skull and smile at you so you dont feel as fool hardy as you sound. In china what they typically do to these workers is to pay them either twice or once per year. Oftentimes the second part of the yearly installment never comes. But what the hell, that new Holiday Inn looks great!!

One Response to “Exploitation of Laborers in China”

  1. gowron said

    I hate Marriot hotels even more, as an Ex Mormon, you naturally hate this chain. No I hate them because they decided to plop a arch hotel in Shanghai…… So now I really loath them.

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