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Interesting Rant on Freedom and the Land of Milk and Fun

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 26, 2011

Interesting rant here from the author of this source http://loadingdata.nl/
I cannot comment at present so will have to hold off till tonight, but the reason I find this rant interesting is that I heard the same thing from Americans just yesterday on yahoo boards. I see some merit to his position and will have to consider my rebuttal…. (the rant’or is not from the land of Cheerios and Corn Flakes)

Feel free to disagree/agree…..

comment on US and China and income inequality

While in the (so called “free”) west your privacy and civil rights are deteriorating by the day, you have to take your freaking shoes off at the airport, pass through a nude-scanner and as a foreigner hand over your biometrics including 10 fingerprints, your every phonecall is monitored, every bit you send through the internet is monitored, if you use any kind of encryption you’re labelled a terrorist, if you smile at a kid who’s not your own you’re labelled a child molester, the list goes on and on.

I agree currently it’s (by a hair) better than China, but at least I see a genuine tendency in the right direction here. Slowly people are getting *more* civil rights, something completely alien in the west.

I have to admit that there is one thing most western countries are very good at, that is pretending that they are much better than others. Pretending that in their “democracy” the people actually have a say in where the country is heading. But open your eyes! This is all a myth! I do rant a lot about the good old U.S.A., but that’s only because they’re the biggest target. These so called “democracies” are nothing but oligarchies. They are ruled by the corporations and have no interest whatsoever in their constituents. Or do you really believe the Oil Sands are in the interest of the Canadian people? While increasing numbers of locals are dying of rare cancers caused by poisons dumped into the rivers? While contractually the biggest amount of oil extracted has to be exported to the U.S. at insanely low prices? While the government basically has no say in the exploitation, and is being extorted by the corporations?”
end rant…

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