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Chinese Democracy?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 28, 2011

China’s number two, Wen Jiabao supposedly told the Brits to respect his authoritayyyyy, I mean to ‘respect China’s path to democracy’. Path to democracy? My take
1- Isn’t this the same notion that many who are now behind bars had said? Isn’t the famed proposal penned by so many nothing less than a framework for China and democracy? If so , then why do these people get thrown in the cooler and yet the nations number two admits that they may be on the path to democracy
2-I think what China’s number 2 meant to say was “Yeah someday we may be democratic, but cut us some slack, did you know how much our family members are making vz the party in China? But in reality there is too much money on the table to abandon the party now. Why I know a communist fella in Shanghai whose kid made a couple of hundred million on a shady land deal…oppps. I mean please allow us the honor of choosing the timing of our run for democracy. It will probably be when all of the land has been absconded and/or so polluted its rendered unlivable by advanced life forms.

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