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How the Communists See The People

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 28, 2011

Here is a quote from a governmental official in China

““We shouldn’t encourage the children of farmers to go to college.”

The official’s name is -Wang Li and he has apparently forgotten that after one of many of Mao’s great purges of intellectuals, the party was filled with ‘farmers’ or ignorant manual laborers here. While some of the party’s founding fathers ie. Mao were from affluent families, the party seems and seemed to have thinned the ranks of the educated and bright, or so I am told. Of course some of the founders were somewhat intelligent, but they surrounded themselves with the dregs of society, or so I am told.

To me this makes sense, for how could such chaos as the cultural revolution where schools were closed down for ten years and this only ended in the 70’s, occur on their watch? How could the party allow tens of millions to die in the great leap forward? The answer must be in the type of people they have chosen and still choose to lead them…

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