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Sexual Harrassment Lawsuit in China- Congrats with a Caveat

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 28, 2011

Guangzhou China had its first successful sexual harassment lawsuit so kudos for them, albeit with a caveat. The issue was that a Chinese woman was successful in bringing a sexual harassment lawsuit against a man from a Japanese company, but the man was Japanese.

The Chinese have a hatred for the Japanese that borders on the irrational, so it is no surprise that this action was taken against a Japanese man in a Japanese company. I would like to see how this would have played out if the man had been Chinese and or a member of the party…
In addition, as I work and live here, I see and hear a lot and from what I can tell this type of behavior is not uncommon here. For instance, I know of a few accounts of date rape by supervisors and before leaving her last job, my friend was told that if she had sex with her boss, he’d give her a better job. Of course this stuff can go on anywhere, but from what I have been told by the locals here, it is far from uncommon for a boss to ask for/demand sex from his underlings.

2 Responses to “Sexual Harrassment Lawsuit in China- Congrats with a Caveat”

  1. MyLaowai said

    Actually, I think you have it back-to-front. My experience is that the staff expect to be able to get better pay / conditions / a promotion if they put out. That’s got to beat working any day, so they figure.

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