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Chinese Wine Castle

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 29, 2011

This is a photo of a castle in China where they make ‘French wines’ or excuse me. It is a castle, where according to the Chinese, they make wines that are as good as one would find in France for they use the exact same processes, according to the Chinese, thus the result is the same.
Basically this is a typical Chinese philosophy whereby they cut, copy and paste something and consider it to be the equivalent of the original. The problems in their logic are too numerous to count. For instance, in France the grapes are not huffing a noxious amount of carcinogens left behind in the soil from the rise in their economy. In addition, French grapes probably are not bombarded by the same acid rain that one finds all over China and especially this close to Beijing. As for the process, we all know how Chinese are with processes and following the rules. They typically cut costs, limiting quality and end up with something that although looks very similar to the original pales in comparison. Oh yeah, they also have little wine tester helpers who after three minutes of training, attempt to tutor us on how to drink wine and how to distinguish the good from the bad. Surprisingly enough, their talk sounds scripted and as the custom here, if one asks them to clarify a point, they cannot….

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