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Poetic Rant on Shitty Politicians and People of Value

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 29, 2011

Here is a comment I am reposting its an excellent stream of consciousness on politicians and helping people from Gowron, long live the king…

“…The only politician who I vote for gets hands dirty helping people, or tires himself out endlessly. Obama the prissy Lawyer, (not because he’s black, or a liar, do I condemn him no. I condemn him because he hasn’t done the work, never walked the beat). The Founding fathers of America the first 5 presidents, they walked the walk and talked the talk. They actually fought and risked their lives. But utimatly it’s the Laity laypersons who keep the church alive. Their dedication to wanting something better, would it be building a hospital brick by brick in some really hurting part of the world, that extends the church’s out reaching, a church for a refugee of any religion…. Politicians mostly just look good, like “communism looks good on paper” (lol).”

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