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Sad State of Health Care in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 29, 2011

China has been overflowing with cash from those zany capitalists flocking here to make a buck, to enter the elusive Chinese market. After all, if every Chinaman would buy just one of my products…
The results of this cash inflow have been two-fold, no longer are the Chinese people forced to eat tree bark or nosh on the carcasses of loved ones. A problem, however, is that the income or cash distribution has been asymmetrical or less than equal. While some have been able to buy large cars in which they can run over plebes or pedestrians with impunity, others are not so lucky, they must walk or ride bikes.

One of the truly sad parts about living in China, aside from having lungs that feel as if they were drenched in sulfuric acid, is the state of Chinese healthcare. I blogged yesterday that for the price of a Snickers bar or 46 US pennies, I was able to procure a doctor’s visit, but I am one of the lucky ones. On the whole, many people in China, although more affluent than before, still live in abject poverty and suffer with a medical system that beyond inadequate is also unavailable to many.

As an example according to the WHO or the world health organization, China ranked 188th out of 191 nations for financial coverage offered by governments for health care services, but what the heck, the Olympics went off without a hitch and the KTV’s seem to be generating revenue.

Countries like china say that individuals must subsume their rights for the good of the motherland, at least that is what the top reds want them to believe. While the commoner lives in caves scratched from earthen berms, the party members cop a feel on local KTV ‘fun huns’ as their pockets balloon with ill-begotten gains. The people of China, as people everywhere, deserve better, but I guess this is just their lot in life.

I merely think that it is sad that according to official statistics, 32% of all Chinese cannot afford to see a doctor…wtf?

Yeah 32% cannot cough up a fifty cent piece to see a poor Chinese doctor and over 60% cannot afford a hospital visit. For a country that is communist this is an odd twist, but once again the Olympics were good weren’t. they?
I guess I should not worry, I have money and am not a citizen of here thus I can partake in all the wonderful Starbucks lattes, the new McDonald’s and a Benz or two but then again I am a filthy capitalist.
China has the potential to be a pretty cool place, but these little stumbling blocks keep getting in the way.

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