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Beijing Shuts Down Massage Parlors- Did They Forget to Pay Bribes?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 30, 2011

The chinadaily proclaimed that in an effort to clean up the city, the public security bureau cum gestapo, raided 14 hair salons suspected of prostitution and other crimes. Hmmm only 14 in all of Beijing? What I can say is that if the cops needs some help, I can direct them to a few more. Although one ‘house of pleasure’ near my abode has been closed, there are two operating with impunity within fifteen meters of it. In addition, across the street and to the right is another, and behind are two facing the road. A large complex next to mine also has two that face the road and one behind while the complex across from it has at least two within walking distance…. In the apartment complex behind me there are two and two more just outside of it. So if we take my area as representative, looks like the SS missed at least 14 more….
btw… I am ummmm well I am not some pervert…. um but actually all of these are either directly on the road to and from work and on the way to the local 7-11….


from the chinadaily article here

3 Responses to “Beijing Shuts Down Massage Parlors- Did They Forget to Pay Bribes?”

  1. Jason Ryan said

    Methinks the blogger doth protest too much….

    Sorry,had to say it, lol.

    • wtdevflnt said

      Uh.. um… well I did invest thousands of rmb in researching that….Yeah I re read the post and thought, damn for a guy who is usually sketchy on the details, I sure know a lot about this….
      good blog about exchanging money..
      Jason’s site is

  2. […] the original post: Beijing Shuts Down Massage Parlors- Did They Forget to Pay Bribes … This entry was posted in massage parlor, massage parlors, Uncategorized and tagged […]

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