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Fuzzy Chinese Logic- Blame the West for Poor Decisions

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 30, 2011

People from China do an excellent job of altering the reality to suit their needs, some would boldly state that the communist party which has its 90th birthday today even lies or misleads the bleating sheep who often have no clue about the history beyond the little ten km area that surrounds their home. I would not be so bold as to make this statement as I live here and think that being bludgeoned with an electric baton and then losing my political rights would really really suck, so I will stay mum on that accord.
What I would be bold enough to say is that sometimes China likes to introduce the west and shift some of the blame for poor choices the Chinese have made, all in the name of saving face. Confused?
Ok then read this.
Some guy from China wrote a book about the history of the communist party over the past thirty years. So, in order to be published some of the rough edges,( read as truth), must were knocked off his work in order to make way for the editors , (read as propaganda officials), to approve the finished copy,( read as white washed compilation of untruth and half truths).
In the book, some Chinese historian, read as old Chinese guy with either a grudge or a lot of political clout. The author, instead of laying some of the blame for the great leap forward, the disastrous period where up to 30-50 million Chinese died of hunger and stupidity meted upon them from the communist party which turns 90 today, he blamed the west. He said this period was a result of “Oppressive pressure from the world powers” and that the poor Mao Zedong thought China would be “dismissed from the earth if it did not reverse its backwardness rapidly”

hmmm, interesting and yet we can see how wrong he is. After all, China is not being dismissed from the earth after being one of the most backwards countries on the earth today….
oh yeah, way to take ownership for you faults China, the world appreciates your openness, honesty and soul searching integrity…

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