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How the Country Uses the Law in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 30, 2011

Great excerpt on how the communist party uses law in its favor.

From China’s Long March toward Rule of Law-new (Randall Peerenboom)

Admittedly, there were also significant differences. Although in both periods, law allegedly served the interests of the people, in the Imperial era, its served the dynasty; in the Mao era, it served the Party. The legal system and indeed society as a whole were much more politicized during the Mao era. For instance, while informal dispute resolution played a prominent role throughout, mediation became much more political during the Mao era.69 The state became more involved, and family, guild, and community leaders played a lesser role. In keeping with Mao’s more confrontational belief in unending class struggle, the emphasis of mediation shifted from restoring social harmony to upholding the Party line, inculcating Party ideology and socialist values, and oppressing the enemy.

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