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Happy Red Birthday Communist China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 1, 2011

China in an attempt to not lose hold in the lucrative business called communism, is celebrating the 90th anniversary of the establishment of communism today. As such, people, in true communist fashion are forced to accept one of two options. They can either dress like the girl below and scamper about singing the praises of Mao and other Chinese capos, or they can remain mum and stay indoors and allow their frustration to eat at their insides while they contemplate a full gainer from the 22nd floor of their rickety apartment complex, or maybe I have crossed a line there. Maybe all of the people like this small child are really true believers in the new communism and promise of Mao, after all , the people no longer have to pack their gullets with Shenzhen silt in order to avoid starvation, but then again wasn’t it like that before the communists took over? But of course my dirty capitalist mind is wandering….

CPC warned of complacency
photo globaltimes.cn

4 Responses to “Happy Red Birthday Communist China”

  1. MyLaowai said

    Call me Mister B’Stard, but the good news is that that little commie in the picture will either give up her organs for her love of the Party, or otherwise die of lung cancer. If the latter, then I hope it’s before she reaches breeding age and drops her first litter.

  2. yes said

    No Laowai you are not a b’stard, but a realist. In fifteen years her guns will be hanging down to her ankles and she’ll be sporting that same androgynous dikey hairdo as they rest of them all the while pissed that she actually bought into their commie bullshit.

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