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Toxic Swill Oil Ready for Consumption in China- 100 Tons of Toxic Cooking Oil Produced Per Day

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 1, 2011

China has a problem with edible foods and food quality. Its not that they cant make good food, but that they just like to cut corners. So at times maybe a cancerous additive is snuck in or maybe some poison, but what the heck, some guy is making a buck.
One of the biggest problems of late is the toxic cooking oil that shows the really nasty reality of Chinese food today. This swill oil is actually taken from restaurants and re re re re cycled and re used. What the restaurants do is to remove the food bits, the cigarette butts and then bleach the stuff and repackage it and sell it once more. The danger of this oil is that it posses some nasty cancer causing substance and thus its use is prohibited….
The Beijing Times has said that this cancerous substance is being produced at a level of 100 tons per day! What ?
Beijing companies are processing 100 tons of illegal cooking oil each day?
According to the news sources this illegal oil makes its ways to the restaurants and our guts via illegal middle men and other sources. Statistics show that in Beijing 60 tons of waste oil are produced per day providing the raw material for this waste oil. The ever vigilant Chinese police have said that there is no way to detect whether oil sold is illegal or not.

The moral of the story, when you come to China pack your lunch…

2 Responses to “Toxic Swill Oil Ready for Consumption in China- 100 Tons of Toxic Cooking Oil Produced Per Day”

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  2. Completely I share your opinion. Thought good, it agree with you.

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