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Kill Kill Kill,- Song Sung by the Communists of China During the Long March

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 3, 2011

Rudolph Bosshardt was a missionary whom the communists captured in the 30s and held for ransom for over 500 days. At that time, it would appear, that the leaders of the party were nothing more than a pack of bandits who looted their way along the trail of the ‘Long March’ while running away from the nationalists.
According to Bosshardt, one of the songs the communists loved to sing was “kill kill kill, until the world runs with blood. He did say however, that this song was sung to the tune of “Jesus love the little children”(pg97 Sun Shuyun-see below)

After reading this, the behaviour of china’s communist party of today should come as no surprise. As our ancestors at least wanted to frame the US as a place free from religious persecution and rights for all, the party was committing murder in the auspices of purges and looting the land and killing those who disagreed with them.
A good source, in addition to The Restraining Hand by Bosshardt, is
The Long March, the True History of China’s Founding Myth- Sun Shuyun

The second book sheds an interesting light on the ‘honorable’ men who started the party and upon reading it one can get a keen insight into the stock of those who chose communism and how it effects the leaders and their worldview that they have today. It is eye opening, shocking and good reading.

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