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Reality of China, Mylaowai.com Style

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 3, 2011

If you have not read mylaowai.com, you should and if you have a blog, you should blogroll it for many reasons. Sure the author may dislike China or be a little cynical, but even if you are from China you must appreciate his artistic ability and if you cannot then you are a lost cause. In any event, he seems to be blogging more as of late which is a treat for all of us because I for one, have read almost every post and was ‘jonesing’ for some more. (really you should check out his blog, the Olympic era was pimp).
His site can be found here http://www.mylaowai.com

Excerpt here
How does one go about describing doing business in China? I mean, really? Sure, there are all the obvious adjectives like “dishonest”, “shitty”, “dirty”, “filthy”, “corrupt”, “primitive”, “festering” and so on and so on. But whilst all those adjectives are certainly spot on and absolutely correct, they don’t really give people in the civilised world much of an idea as to what it’s like here in The Land That Time Forgot.
A good friend of mine describes doing business in China as asking someone to paint the fence white, and suddenly two dozen people are running around in circles looking for black paint (the fence, or what’s left of it after they’ve ‘fixed’ it a few times, is eventually painted red and then falls over).
And that’s a pretty accurate description in my experience.

continue here http://mylaowai.com/2011/07/01/there-is-still-hope/

In addition, here was a comment some may find offensive or hilarious, depending on your emotional makeup..
comment by nips are great
My experience:
1. Yellow runts do as little as possible all the time.
2. Whenever a yellow runt is instructed to do something he/she will provide a dozen excuses not to do it.
3. Then the yellow runt will make like he/she is about to do it but in fact just goes back to playing that fucking yellow runt internet farm game where the high-light is stealing from other yellow runt farmers.
4. Then after reminding the yellow runt to get his/her lazy yellow ass in gear he/she will ask, ‘Oh, you mean now?’
5. The yellow runt will complain about doing the task while doing it, even if it requires the least amount of effort.
6. The yellow runt will do a shitty job.
7. When you bring the yellow runt up on the fact that he/she’s done a shitty job they’ll say, ‘It didn’t need to be done anyways.’
8. On the exceedingly rare occasion when a yellow runt does something without instruction he/she will make like they’ve just invented the wheel and want some praise.
At this very moment I can hear out my window some little yellow runt screaming and it’s quite annoying

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