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China “Fesses Up” To Oil Leak- Sort of-Photo of China’s Oil Spill

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 5, 2011

China had a pretty bad oil leak but no one knows just how bad because China is controlled by communists and of course they are much to smart to allow the common man bother himself with such things as a body of contaminated water, poisoned and dead fish, after all they have enough to worry about what with meeting their next hong bao payments. But the 21st century being what it is, the news has leaked out and China has sort of admitted that yes there was a leak, and yes you can see from the photo that it was pretty horrible but no they will not tell us how bad it was.
The photo below is from the chinadaily and when I look at it I feel sad and know this is nothing more than a sign of the times. China has a shitty record with her ecology and product quality and or safety and for them to drill for oil is akin to shitting all over mother nature….imho

photo chinadaily

Fishing industry braces for oil-leak impact
A fisherman rows a boat in the algae-filled Chaohu Lake in Hefei, Anhui province July 3, 2011. Algae outbreaks have repeatedly hit the lake in recent years. [Photo/Agencies]

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  1. gowron said

    Which one though? There are just so many!

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