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More on Shoddy Construction in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 5, 2011

China is long on aspiration and short on quality. While the locals rush to buy a future heap of rubble. (house) most foreigners shy away. To most of us, our cash would be better spent in a country where we get rights of ownership to ‘our’ home for longer than 70 years from the date the thing was built. I have heard of many who have bought homes here and turned over a nice profit by selling them, which is an excellent idea, as long as the building is still standing.
The following is a quote from here:
“One foreign architect working in Beijing says developers would rather use cheap, shoddy building materials rather than more durable, but expensive, products, even on high-end projects.
“Many buildings in Beijing will have to be torn down and rebuilt in 10 years or so because they’ve been built so badly,” he says.
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