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Rethinking How to Influence China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 5, 2011

I like to think of this site as a hopefully entertaining way to explain, to see and to understand China. It is my hope that by reading stories here one can learn a thing or two, and hopefully rethink how they see even the simple things in life.
Today as I sat researching for an upcoming project, I came upon an interesting site regarding China, her lack of respect for civil rights and the recent treatment of Ai Wei Wei. The article was well done, poignant and to me, provided a different way to view thinking about China’s impact on the world. The site is called “Mr. Trump Your Argument Against China Just Got Stronger” and can be found here.

I have selected a part of his post and will present it here for you to read. I highly suggest visiting the site to check out his article in its entirety.
“…. China is a at us. Their government is taking our money to rebuild their country – and, if I may add, oppressing their people in the process. In some part, it’s because of China’s economic success that the dissidents of their country can be persecuted by their government without repercussion and made to literally vanish from the sight of their families. The disappearance of this respected artist (Ai Wei Wei) and brave citizen journalist is a brazen act by the Chinese government – an act that is being witnessed by the entire world. Nothing the US, UK, or EU says will change China’s position on free speech. No statements from politicians or names on a petition will pressure them to alter their liberty policies. But by hitting them in their pocketbook, they may rethink their position.”
He then offers his position here
or here http://www.courrielche.com/?p=685

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