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Crappy Quality Catching Up With China’s Infrastructure

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 9, 2011

The other day an escalator went haywire and xinhua was quick to point fingers. They proclaimed the name Otis in an apparent attempt to swing the focus from the idea that it was not the Otis made elevator (manufactured in China) who was at fault, but shoddy Chinese maintenance.
Flash forward and once again we hear that a foreign owned oil company is to blame, quoting the communists, for a horrible oil spill. At issue are the lack of credibility of the party as it controls all media and does not want to look inept, especially before shoving Xi Jinping into the drivers seat next year. The problem, however, is that food scandals, tales of bribery and shitty Chinese quality abound.
The funny thing is that these Chinese people have only been building for about ten to fifteen years and machines usually last much longer, if properly maintained. But this is China and if you couple shitty quality with horrible maintenance, you get disasters.
The lesson to learn is that a double whammy of local lack of know how and poor appreciation of doing the right thing means that buying a toxic toy is easily rectifiable, you toss it in the trash, but what does one do with a bridge, or high speed train?
That’s right, imagine it. Tens of thousands of miles of track or tens of miles of concrete lay like the boogey man in the closet, just waiting to spring from their sleep to ensnare us in the throes of death. My question is, why do we contract these people to build things like bridges for us?

804 × 600 – Ben Wojdyla — A 600 ft section of bridge collapsed in Zhuzhou, China, …

jalopnik.comHorrible chinese quality bridge collapses

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