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Typical Chinese Knockoff, not Worth a Shit- More Problems with China’s High Speed Rail

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 13, 2011

China has a tendency to liberally utilize the designs, thoughts, works and ideas of others and claim them as their own. One time they claimed to have built a super processor, but it was in reality an Intel core. Such is life and such is China.
But at present we hear so much about the rise of China and them increasing their quality but yet we never see it. They average 40 elevator crashes per year and underpay, under service and over bitch, whenever something goes wrong. So now they are moving into the big stuff. The big fast moving dangerous stuff like cars, airplanes and bad assed trains. The problem is that they are form china so they make shitty products which when compared to their counterparts, on a cost versus value basis are dramatically over priced.
Take for instance the Beijing to Shanghai high speed death mobile, I mean train. It was plagued by rumors of mismanagement and corruption, two subjects in which China could offer advanced degrees, and now the train is running, sort of. At first they lowered its speed, not due to safety concern,s but something else… and then they said that this stuff called fly as was not used as it should have been, a cheaper substitute was chosen. This was little cause for concern for the reds as human lives to them means much less than their bank accounts and pride. Thus, it should come as no concern that the Beijing to Shanghai rail has had another problem. By my reckoning it has had four problems since opening and the last was called a ‘technical glitch’.
I wonder if this type of glitch is the same as the ones that caused the three oil spills over the past month, or 6 elevator/escalator massacres? In the end, the chicoms will get to the bottom of it and put a hollow point round at the base of someone’s skull while offering a two year reprieve to the rest…



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Excellent Comment About China’s Response to Their Oil Spills

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 13, 2011

Here is a good comment from this site about China lies about their recent spate of oil spills. The author comes from http://www.mylaowai.com, one of the most informative and funny blogs on the web.


FYI Part 1: The piece of equipment that failed and caused the problem with Deepwater Horizon, was ‘serviced’ in China before being installed, and during that ‘service’ was modified in a way not in keeping with the operator’s instructions or manufacturer’s specifications.

FYI Part 2: The Chinese Communist Party has said that all legal recourse for the failure of that device must come via the Chinese court system, and that no applications will be accepted by the court system. No judgements reached elsewhere will be recognised.

FYI Part 3: I know for a fact that the moment BP realised the scope of the problem, they called in every resource they had, and placed orders for vast quantities of oil booms. The only place on earth with that kind of reserve production capacity for oil booms is China (Korea is actually another, but they went to full capacity overnight with the orders from BP). The Chinese Communist Party instructed all manufacturers here not to accept any orders for oil booms.

It’s just the Chinese doing what they do best. i.e. being cunts.

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Photo of Beautiful Sunset in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 13, 2011

Photo of Beautiful Sunset in China

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China To Develop 4 Year Human Rights Plan…. Hooray?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 13, 2011

China, some countries would contend, has a shaky history with human rights.

678 × 372 – Chinese execution fields.

But in their defense, the Chinese use this notion of ‘Asian value’s or an idea that economic prosperity comes first and then such frivolities as freedom of speech, expression, internet, opinion and such. But, as they feel themselves being pushed into respecting all of the ‘little guys’ upon whose heads they have stood and from whose pockets they’ve taken some cash every now and again, they will now allow the locals more ‘human rights’. Story from Yahoo here.
The no bullshit answer is that yes they will, but China defines human rights primarily in terms of cash. This is their definition of quality of life. They contend that by not living with pigs as they did thirty years ago, (this is true) that the common Chinaman is better off, and maybe he is. But then again who wouldn’t want to get out of the house which includes a sty? They compare the lot of a people who just forty years ago were literally starving but fail to see the big picture and how far the rest of us have come vz human rights. I guess at the end of the day we must just accept them and wait to see what happens.

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China Delivers 5300 Ton Future Disaster to USA? China Manufactures SF Bay Bridge

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 13, 2011

China is building a lot of stuff. And having 20% of all the people on this beautiful planet, they need to find work for them. For as they say ‘idle minds lead to unpatriotic thoughts which lead to no-no’s and then a bullet to the base of the skull’… or maybe I got carried away.
So the Chinese are attempting to move upstream as it were, for there isnt enough cash merely polluting milk and forming fake meatballs and pork. One of their biggest forays is in the heavy industry area. The Chinese reason that if they can build so many new homes, then they must not be too bad after all. And the rest of us, based on three years of data agree with them and buy their stuff.
Case in point is the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. This thing was made in China by those same little guys who waddle around the streets here and use those less than useless doilies on their little skulls that they assume is protective gear.
Bloomberg and others have been all over this bridge and tout it being constructed in 5 fewer months than planned. To your humble author and cynic, this is a cause for concern. You mean to tell me that they didn’t even take all the time needed to build this thing that tens of millions of Americans are trusting their lives upon? You mean we are trusting these people who admittedly build houses that last about 60% less than our own to build a tall thing made of cement that hangs above water? I mean to say, if they can build such good bridges, then why cant they make me a broom that lasts for more than a week?
Maybe its just me and this bridge will be a killer example of Chinese quality (no pun intended)
Bookmark this page and check back the next time they have a little shaker or even in ten years and let me know how its holding up….
Bloomberg reports here

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Chinese Are Odd-Gawking in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 13, 2011

China is the only country I have visited that you can stroll down the street in pajamas or take a shit on the sidewalk and no one even bats an eye, but stop to take a photo and they all gawk and look at what you’re doing

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Mercedes Benz Announces Its Cars Now Officially Suck- Benz-China JV

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 13, 2011

Mercedes Benz in a moment of hysteria has announced that for the first time its history it will produce engines outside of Germany. Being intelligent, they eschewed countries like the USA or Canada, Japan, Italy, France or even S Korea so that they could do this in China…wtf?
I guess we all have to learn from our own mistakes, but based on what China has done with their ALLEGED thieving of subway tech from Japan and Germany, router tech from Cisco, and other tech from nearly every country in the world, its a wonder why Benz inked the deal. sure its great to come to China and a ‘handjob/foot massage for less than a pint of ale and a brat sure is nice, but trusting China? Maybe they like the local work ethic…cough cough….
I guess they figure that even if they never came here to make engines, the Chinese would take their tech so what does it matter anyway. article here.

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Buffet Cringes- China’s BYD Profit Drops 85-95%

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 13, 2011

BYD is a Chinese company whose shares are plummeting faster than a Beijing escalator. Warren Buffet has to be feeling a little upset, he did after all, sink a bunch of cash into the company. At the end of the day, BYD had weak sales due to issues such as: batteries not as good as promised, weak overseas sales, weaker tech than expected and related issues. I guess we could congratulate BYD for not ‘cooking their books’ like so many others have – allegedly.
But at the end of the day you’ve got to perform and this company apparently didn’t cut it. In China they call BYD ‘Build Your Dollar’ or ‘Build Your Dream’ but I bet Mr. Buffet feels like ‘Buffet You Dunce’ may be more appropriate

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Guangdong China Asks to Relax One-Child Policy

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 13, 2011

Lets all move to Guangdong. The chinadaily says that they are asking for a break from the one child policy so that qualified couples can have more than one future disappointment. Won’t all those people who were forcibly sterilized feel stupid knowing that they if they could have had one more kid if they had only escaped that knife-wielding government official….

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China’s New High Speed Rail Not so “High Speed”-Problems on Beijing to Shanghai Train

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 13, 2011

China has a new toy with which to ‘wow’ the world until which time in the near future that it breaks as all other things made in China. But for the time being the Chinese are regaling in their ability to make pieces of junk move extremely fast and have done such a good job of promoting these Japanese and German knockoffs that other countries are actually buying them.
The thing is that in China they do a killer job of copying things and making them look oh so beautiful, but when one takes a peep under the hood they nearly faint. It’s kind of like going to an expensive Chinese restaurant and forking over the equivalent of a few hundred bucks only to watch your ‘chef’ shuffle out of the toilet stall, with his sandals smacking against the marble floor as he shuffles past without washing his hands. Yeah, its just like that…
So China is doing a good job of hurrying up to build stuff, for they know that its only a matter of time till the stuff gives up the ghost and goes to crap. The most recent problem with the Beijing to Shanghai railroad has been due to ‘power failures’ and electrical storms. After living in China, one has to wonder what the real problem is….

Story and photo from here

The Beijing-Shanghai high speed train was delayed again at noon on Tuesday due to
a breakdown of the electricity supply.

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