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China’s New High Speed Rail Not so “High Speed”-Problems on Beijing to Shanghai Train

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 13, 2011

China has a new toy with which to ‘wow’ the world until which time in the near future that it breaks as all other things made in China. But for the time being the Chinese are regaling in their ability to make pieces of junk move extremely fast and have done such a good job of promoting these Japanese and German knockoffs that other countries are actually buying them.
The thing is that in China they do a killer job of copying things and making them look oh so beautiful, but when one takes a peep under the hood they nearly faint. It’s kind of like going to an expensive Chinese restaurant and forking over the equivalent of a few hundred bucks only to watch your ‘chef’ shuffle out of the toilet stall, with his sandals smacking against the marble floor as he shuffles past without washing his hands. Yeah, its just like that…
So China is doing a good job of hurrying up to build stuff, for they know that its only a matter of time till the stuff gives up the ghost and goes to crap. The most recent problem with the Beijing to Shanghai railroad has been due to ‘power failures’ and electrical storms. After living in China, one has to wonder what the real problem is….

Story and photo from here

The Beijing-Shanghai high speed train was delayed again at noon on Tuesday due to
a breakdown of the electricity supply.

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