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Typical Chinese Knockoff, not Worth a Shit- More Problems with China’s High Speed Rail

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 13, 2011

China has a tendency to liberally utilize the designs, thoughts, works and ideas of others and claim them as their own. One time they claimed to have built a super processor, but it was in reality an Intel core. Such is life and such is China.
But at present we hear so much about the rise of China and them increasing their quality but yet we never see it. They average 40 elevator crashes per year and underpay, under service and over bitch, whenever something goes wrong. So now they are moving into the big stuff. The big fast moving dangerous stuff like cars, airplanes and bad assed trains. The problem is that they are form china so they make shitty products which when compared to their counterparts, on a cost versus value basis are dramatically over priced.
Take for instance the Beijing to Shanghai high speed death mobile, I mean train. It was plagued by rumors of mismanagement and corruption, two subjects in which China could offer advanced degrees, and now the train is running, sort of. At first they lowered its speed, not due to safety concern,s but something else… and then they said that this stuff called fly as was not used as it should have been, a cheaper substitute was chosen. This was little cause for concern for the reds as human lives to them means much less than their bank accounts and pride. Thus, it should come as no concern that the Beijing to Shanghai rail has had another problem. By my reckoning it has had four problems since opening and the last was called a ‘technical glitch’.
I wonder if this type of glitch is the same as the ones that caused the three oil spills over the past month, or 6 elevator/escalator massacres? In the end, the chicoms will get to the bottom of it and put a hollow point round at the base of someone’s skull while offering a two year reprieve to the rest…



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