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Chinese are All Heart, and There is Money in That Trade- Organ Harvesting in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 18, 2011

Chinese are all heart, well heart mixed with a smattering of lungs, kidneys, corneas and other items not only useful to live, but also worth a ton of cash. So the Chinese, not a country to miss out on making a buck have ALLEGEDLY decided to harvest this ‘human gold’ from certain bad elements, read as non-han Chinese. An article here and here (and google search here) talks about this practice and likens it to that of other barbaric practices of some of the worlds most notorious evil dictatorships. But of course this is China, the land of corporate profits and growth so we can allow they a few indiscretions as it were, after all, we are making too much money to worry about the livers of some people from Ti.bet or religious groups like the fg or a bunch of Muslims. Why should we care if this practice is widespread, all the chinaman owns belongs to the emperor, including his internal organs.



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Chinese Do Not Trust Chinese Goods, For Good Reason

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 18, 2011

The following comes from this site. To me this typifies the Chinese experience. When you come here one of he first things you are aware of is their lack of trust in their goods and quality. Then you hear of people from he west rushing to buy their goods and think, what the heck, its just kids toys right? Wrong, for then you hear about the trains we ask them to build bridges, like the one they built for the San Francisco and you go wtf?
The question in my mind is if they are from China and really know Chinese goods and try to avoid them like the plague, then why do we so readily trust them? The reason may be that we are so far away and we have it in our minds that people think like we do and have rules to govern their behavior but we forget this is China and there are no rules. I just posted that 80% of all goods made by Chinese companies that are supposedly made overseas are actually made in China. This further reinforces the fact that Chinese companies have a huge credibility crisis.

from here
Chinese companies named themselves with western names because consumers have no confidence in the quality of Chinese-made products. Picture: a <span id=Metersbonwe’s store. (Photo/CFP)” title=”Chinese companies named themselves with western names because consumers have no confidence in the quality of Chinese-made products. Picture: a Metersbonwe’s store. (Photo/CFP)” class=”photo”> Chinese companies named themselves with western names because consumers have no confidence in the quality of Chinese-made products. Picture: a Metersbonwe’s store. (Photo/CFP)

China should create more national brands that gain international visibility to reflect the country’s status as the world’s second largest economy, the People’s Daily said recently.
….. on allegations made by state-run CCTV that prominent furniture retailer DaVinci presented beds produced in China as being made in Italy, the official daily of the Communist Party of China said it was common for Chinese enterprises to assume a foreign brand name, hoping the practice would add value to their products…The paper quoted Huang Shengmin, the dean of the Advertising School of Communication University of China in Beijing as attributing the phenomenon to Chinese distrust of products made at home.”

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Compilation of Beijing Smog Pictures

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 18, 2011

I’m trying to do a gynormous page with all my Beijing smog pics. I have over 400, I think and am compliing them at this site. I will probably be done by the end of the week as I don’t want to do a half-assed job, but would like to get some dates for them all etc. I will not label each one, however, as that would be a little too much work so I’ll just give you a general idea of the month and you can figure out the rest. It’s really interesting to see the subtle and dramatic day by day changes.
t now you’ll only see the pics I had from May to August from 2010, but more will be coming. and I will update you…(just counted and there are about 81 photos on one page now. May update tomorrow

site here http://www.topchinablog.com the tab is called http://topchinablog.com/chinas-air-pollution-smog-in-china/

or you can just click here…

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Xinjian Riot Today in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 18, 2011

Chinese media are saying that terrorists (chinese word for ethinic minority Uigur people) were behind the attack today that left two civilians and one cop dead. Supposedly the terrorists stormed the cop shop and took hostages. The chicoms were then like

‘oh no you dinnntt.   Oh no you dinnnnt storm the hizzie!” and then basically filled the air with lead.

The thing is that Xinjiang is Muslim and the people have arab blood so dont look Chinese, don’t act Chinese and by blodd are not Chinese. This pisses off the Hans as they like to be the only game in town. (Actually I have some peeps there in XJ and they say the Muslim Uigur people can be pretty shitty, but who really knows)

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Idiotic Chinese News Quotes for the Day

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 18, 2011

Every now and again it is wise to get a sense check of the reality and the reality with ‘chinese characteristics’ that one sees and hears on a daily basis here. A fine example would be in the following quotes I have pasted below. The chicoms, in an attempt to confuse the locals, as well as to ‘re-educate them’ the Chinese way had these fine things to say below.

Idiotic Chicom quotes for the day
photo from en.m4.cn

1) ” ChenWei, headofHangzhouTransportationBureau, saidonSaturdaythatthe
collapseon theapproach span of the No 3 Qiantang River Bridge, suggestedthat
theprojecthassafety problems. ”


2)Xinhua said that China has strived to protect h.uman righ.ts for all social groups….


“(Xinhua) — Since the peaceful liberation of Tibet 60 years ago, the epoch-making progress the region has experienced in the past six decades make people confident that Tibet will embrace a brighter future with the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC).
Sixty years ago, the CPC took the Tibetan people out of a dark, underdeveloped, poor and closed society to a new era of bright, developing, prosperous and open society. (from here)

Now please excuse me for I have to vomit.

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Attack on Chinese Police Station in Hotan, Xinjiang Leaves Trail of Deaths

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 18, 2011

There was an attack on a police station in Hotan, Xinjiang, Chinese northwest province. The province is huge, larger than California and filled with ethnic minorities who are Turks, kazaks or others by blood and do not look Chinese. The province is heavily Muslim and has been a pain in the butt of the communist party for quite some time.
The local media is mum about the specifics of the attack, but has said that a few of the attackers or ‘thugs’ have been killed.
This was reported 40 minutes ago by Xinhua.

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Video of 2 Old Chinese Ladies Fighting in The Street, Good Fight-Femininity With Chinese Characteristics-

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 18, 2011

Somebody told me that Chinese women are feminine, but then I watched this video, check it out. The taller lady is bringing the hurt, she knows how to throw some bones. But then the midget or one-child punk gets involved, so the lady throws a Jackie Chan foot kick at his chops. She seemed to take it easy on the little punk and then he gets her from behind and tries a full nelson.
My 2 cents:
Tall lady showed good ring generalship and exceptional groin and face kicks. She needs to work on knee strikes and her jab, but is strong in her fundamentals.
Short lady probably needs to read a book, seems like her elevator does not go all the way to the upper floors but had good chutzpah . Her technique, however sucked.
lIttle Boy or midget- great energy and desire but lame skills. An old bird was shoving him around and left him in the dust. Also he has no killer instinct he had the lady from behind but could get her to tap.
They all need to watch re-runs of all the UFC’s and or wrestlemania…

Damn I love China!!!
Click on the pics to go to the video link or just cut and paste this.



click the pic above to go to the video link or cut and paste this

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“Dealing With Animals- I got To Get Outta Here”- Living and Working in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 18, 2011

“Dealing With Animals- I got To Get Outta Here”- was the text message I received from a fellow prisoner in this heaping land of discontent today. My friend, upset with his colleagues who surprisingly are all from China, said that his place of work had become unbearable and he couldn’t wait for his contract to end so he could leave….

Does this sound remotely similar to your experiences here? If not, then consider yourself luck and try working for a Chinese firm. Your rotund author has worked for the son of satan through a JV and a few other projects and now know why the locals will do anything to get out of the middle kingdom.
Its not as if all Chinese are bad, those one’s on the subway toting all the big bags are some nice people and the one’s they send their cash home to, the ones hunched down in the fields are pretty ace as well. As for the rest, …. hmmm.
Put it like this. China is like hell… does that it explain it? Ok then how about this. Think of the most dysfunctional group of humans and then double their stupidity and halve their morals and then take this person you have now formed in your brains and stuff him on top of the Eiffel tower, for he now represents the good of most of the Chinese workforce (who work for Chinese companies). Then imagine the evil twin of this beast who was not bred nor grew up with as much love and compassion and stick him below your big toe, that is your typical Chinese company ( (not international). For the good Chinese seem to make it to the foreign companies while the rest rot in the misery that their kin mete upon them.)
This American guy who said he was leaving is a great guy and passive , thus if he is complaining, things must be rough. Your rotund author had some experience with the company in question and no it was not for that male swim-wear gig I did where the ‘banana hammock’ was the only thread of clothing adorning my statuesque ‘man-build’, all two hundred kilos compacted into an easy-to-carry five foot frame.
No it was not that gig but one where brains mattered. Thus, the Chinese being Chinese assumed that stupid barbarians were less than equipped for the task. Little did they know that while sharing the same opinion we actually had proof of their stupidity but that is another story.
So, my friend, the passive guy said that the back-biting and in-fighting of the company is making him sick and he needs a new gig. The sad thing is that China will do that to you. This guy was all p and v (piss and vinegar) to help the company, has that killer US work ethic. But then little by little, china attacks one like Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy and turns us into this.

from mapleleafweb.com

The problem is that many Chinese managers were raised under the cultural revolution and didnt learn much more than recitations from an amber book and the best ways to draw blood from the educated. Blessed with these tools, your modern barbarian/chinese boss, is no more equipped to deal with humanity than any member of those who currently rule this dump. The unfortunate thing is that they’ve dined from enough bunghole and slurped enough ‘brown eye’ to have good enough guanxi to have protected businesses in China which leaves us with few options. Those of us who’ve been protected from the wrath of ghenghis han find that aside from minor hiccups, we fare much better than our poor friends.
I find myself bored now and will play with my Kindle and watch the locals bump into elevator doors and try to figure out the ever elusive turnstiles at the subway. Is it must me or do the dumbasses never know where to put those plastic one passage cards???

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China Says Just a ‘Little seepage of Oil’ in Bohai Bay

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 18, 2011

China’s communist mouthpiece, or one of them says that there is still some ‘minor’ oil seepage in the Bohai Bay. Hmmm wonder how minor minor is? This from the government who hid the news of the oil spill for a month and then downplayed its size which as of now is huge.
Maybe I should be more trusting but when uncle chicom says that there is just a little seepage I think that is like saying that just a little milk was contaminated or just a little intellectual property rights violations occur in China. To me I think the ‘minor seep’ probably looks more like this…


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