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Idiotic Chinese News Quotes for the Day

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 18, 2011

Every now and again it is wise to get a sense check of the reality and the reality with ‘chinese characteristics’ that one sees and hears on a daily basis here. A fine example would be in the following quotes I have pasted below. The chicoms, in an attempt to confuse the locals, as well as to ‘re-educate them’ the Chinese way had these fine things to say below.

Idiotic Chicom quotes for the day
photo from en.m4.cn

1) ” ChenWei, headofHangzhouTransportationBureau, saidonSaturdaythatthe
collapseon theapproach span of the No 3 Qiantang River Bridge, suggestedthat
theprojecthassafety problems. ”


2)Xinhua said that China has strived to protect h.uman righ.ts for all social groups….


“(Xinhua) — Since the peaceful liberation of Tibet 60 years ago, the epoch-making progress the region has experienced in the past six decades make people confident that Tibet will embrace a brighter future with the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC).
Sixty years ago, the CPC took the Tibetan people out of a dark, underdeveloped, poor and closed society to a new era of bright, developing, prosperous and open society. (from here)

Now please excuse me for I have to vomit.

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  1. gowron said

    Unfortunatly I beat you too it.

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