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China Declares Martial Law for the Third Time This Year- Bumpy Road for China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 19, 2011

Chinese riot forces arrived in Xinjiang to enforce martial law after Uyghurs attacked a police station on July 18. (Internet Photo)China declared martial law due to a recent attack in Xinjiang China. It’s the at least the third time this year that they have had to do this….looks like some people are not so happy after all.

China just wants everyone to get along, so its frustrating when some people just don’t seem to get it. This time, the disobedient children were from the Xinjiang Muslim region of China. Uncle C got upset with the inhabitants of that place because he thinks they cannot be trusted. Its not because they look like this


and pray like this


nor due to the fact that they are avid Muslims, after all, the Han love all races equally.
In any event, uncle C has declared martial law for the region. For those of you who do not know what martial law with ‘Chinese characteristics’ is, its a specie of martial law whereby the police and anyone looking like Confucius or this


can accuse or beat on a person who does not look like Confucius and tell the police that this non-confucian looking person was doing something wrong whereby this non-Confucian person will be ‘re-eduated’ wtih a ball bat, a ball peen hammer, and electric baton, kind of like the cultural revolution of China.

Yeah they declared martial law in the area due to an attack on the cop shop.

2 Responses to “China Declares Martial Law for the Third Time This Year- Bumpy Road for China”

  1. gowron said

    Funny you should mention a photo of Chow Yun Fat, I’m on his Island (Lamma), It’s a 2nd world Favela beautiful trees, animals, insects (well excluding sand flies, and mosquitos).

    (the coloured pasto hill bulidings). He grew up in the Village on the South end. I’m on the North end in Yeung Shu Wan. In between the 3 villages are a collection of , farms, rain forests, traditional Chinese clay houses (is the tiles, bricks, the whitish pasto,, ah stucco). Temples, old Chinese graves (near the Catholic little chapel). I must say it’s quite a trip going to church on sundays, through a Jurassic park like San Bernando Valley like village. Just wished Chinese people didn’t litter so much, or 3rd worlders. :_(.

    Lots of Yuppie Commonwealth expats, here. Lots of Chinese. But even in Hong Kong, gah they can be so…. oh well when I get home I’m so Koreasizing myself since I have that so called 1/8 “Native Indian drop of Korean Blood”. And I always DID like Bogogi and MASH and Starcraft, and who knows pick up Tae Kwon Do, join Team Canada’s olympic team. The Chinese are just so weird, especially the pig shaped ones (the grunty nose, face, belly, angry greedy frown) :_(

    • wtdevflnt said

      HAHA pig shaped no kidding. I had a bulldog once and I miss her when I see so many with a build so similar.
      So Chow un Fat grew up in a favela huffing jinkem?

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