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China’s High Speed Rail, In Debt and Poorly Made

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 19, 2011

China had a dream. The dream was that one day they could make things that did not suck and that day would come before July 1, 2011 or the 90th birthday of the communist party. A little bit after penning the words to this dream, the dye black comb-overs who run this stye, said “fk it, that ain’t going to happen” and the rampant theft of foreign tech took place -allegedly.
The Chinese, whose ‘ innovate genes’ have been playing hide and seek for the past 1000 years are suffering to be seen as leaders in innovation so they have satisfied themselves with pirating- allegedly. One of the newest symbols of Chinese pride was to be the high speed rail from Beijing to Shanghai, among others. Unfortunately the thing had problems with corruption, and quality and once again was nothing more than an overpriced Chinese turd on the sidewalk of civilization.
Today, as if to add insult to injury, it was announced that this high speed ‘fiasco in waiting’ is also costing the reds a little more coin than they had been hoping for and at the last count, it was said that China’s high speed rail and all other railways are in debt to the tune of U$294.87 billion! To put this into perspective, this means that the shitty Chinese rails that are now seen as high dollar paper weights are in debt to an amount of civilized cash equal to ALL the money that that a country like Venezuela has! If China’s rail debt were a country, it would be the 33rd largest in the world!
Wow and I thought the Chinese made wise investments…

2 Responses to “China’s High Speed Rail, In Debt and Poorly Made”

  1. gowron said

    This may sound creepy and macabe, but I am a frequent over at a death pool. Deathlist. I started to be interested in the powerful eliet world of celebrities, particulary for Suharto, who thankfully left for Jahannam in 2008. It was interesting as my terminally ill car was being used as a measure against these dicators, when their time approached, either they’d croak, or miraclously stay alive. For instance Zha Zha Gabor. We’re watching her this year, or Suharto’s final 5 years, of on and off decrepitude. Or Ariel Sharon, in a coma since 06. so 5 year coma? Anyways the point I was making is when you get that frail and old and people want you to die. You go out piece by piece painfully, each time you “survive” you’re a painful shell of a person. Now while your death fans (us vultureS), are circling your carcass going ahhh ahhh ahh (although stinky dried up old rich men and women are not tasty in any way, their last Chi essessence). We’re a nasty sort. We use all sorts of mean spirited benidictions ranging from live longer, (for max pain, or Die already. I myself was confused for Colin Thatcher (cheering on Thatcher, now I’m no Red, but she did hurt alot of people, was a powerful states person for a solid mandate I’ll give her that).

    Now how this ties in to China, since I’ve found your blog, out of a fit of dispair, in Shanghai, (typing in I hate China, China is stinky, no wait…. It was the one about the mops, when you witnesses the cleaning crone use the toiliet water, my feet cringe in my shoes now ever time I use my (shower toliet, damn designs)… China this year and probably all the years you posted here, seems like This, Ghost cities, oil explosions, poisonings, mechanical failures, building collapses). That it’s slowly crumbling and carrying on, (as did many of our death watchees on this list), but very painfully, dried up, a shell of a country, each “health” problem building up. Seeing how there were riots early this year, a second drought, dam exploding, the 3 gorges damn going to explode, more poisonous goo products, etc etc. It looks like these celebrities, and their ill health. And I wonder Can China keep on going on to make the eventualy crash more delicious to watch, making the people more insane with fury. Or should it just die out asap… remember for Suharto I wanted him to carry on as long as possible in the hospital, but at the same time I wanted him to just die already. So China, carry on, But DIE ALREADY. (government).

    It’s just like watching that prince on Lord of The Rings get shot by all these arrows.

  2. […] Source: https://wtdevflnt.wordpress.com/2011/07/19/chinas-high-speed-rail-in-debt-and-poorly-made/ […]

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