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The Chinese and Christianity

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 19, 2011

From here
The Communist leaders of China have also usurped the right of the Pope to designate bishops and cardinals. Cardinal Joseph Zen, Archbishop of Hong Kong, the titular head of the legitimate Catholic Church in China, noted in Human Events recently: “All examples in history show that when the bishops are under control of the government, the Church goes wrong.”
The cardinal then cited examples of clergy who have been bought by the Chinese communists and those who have remained independent:
There are three kinds [of clergy] who participated: those brought by force, those brought by heavy pressure and those who went willingly. It’s very bad that people have to be forced, but it is even worse for us — much more sad for us — that some went willingly. Some bishops who go get paid a good sum of money. We know one bishop who received 200,000 renminbi and for another it was 300,000. We know many things in Hong Kong about what is going on. It is no longer possible to keep things secret.
Cardinal Zen also spoke of the torture of priests in communist China:
When they arrest a priest they don’t put him in prison. They put him in a guest house of the police. Unfortunately, they are going back to the ways of torture. One priest was kept for five days without sleep and they keep him standing as officials interrogated him in three shifts. Then, after five days, he simply collapse[d] and then they beat him.

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