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Zorro Comes to China? -WTF China Pic

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 19, 2011

China is a fun place to live, if you’re not Chinese, have good lungs and internal organs strong enough to withstand the onslaught of adultered food. Apart from that it is at time, like a zoo. A marvelous zoo filled with exotic and sometimes primitive animals that spend the day gawking back at their foreign captors, often in disgust often in dismay and at times even with curiosity.
One of the interesting things of the local Chinese person is their desire to cloak their bodies in things that are better off in a trash heap or other such place. To the local Chinese person, it would appear that peace and harmony is not within in their sartorial purview. More often than not, you see them donning clothing thats too old or too shiny, small or fluffy, puffy or just plain foolish. To take a walk around the Beijing streets is like living in a world draw by Dr Seus…
The daring Chinese woman pictured here has decided to go with the typical Chinese ‘shirtless sleeves’ (term by another blogger perhaps from this ridiculousworld.com’) and then the lady topped off this mess with the large sombrero last seen gracing the skull of Zorro or a Mexican troubadour.
I guess the locals inspired by the liberty to dress in more than three colors, like they were forbidden to do only 35 years ago, have decided to be a little daring with their ensembles…..
oh yeah check out the bike, you can get these for about 20U$. They last for about five pedals and then are dust…

3 Responses to “Zorro Comes to China? -WTF China Pic”

  1. gowron said

    Oh how I wished Zorro was a real figure, or an ancient fairy tale mythical one, instead of a “Batman” pulp fiction creation. I do hope Banderass has one more Zorro in him. Like give us some closure you know?

    • wtdevflnt said

      yeah Banderas rocks. That Zoro was filmed in the place in Mexico where I lived , its called San Luis Potosi and I was there when they filmed it. ts also where they filmed that one flick, the mexican, i think with brad Pitt.

  2. 4 145 2001 .0.4 of the UKs population 2001 . not including recent people who are part etc …Regions with significant populations… The British Chinese community is the second largest in Europe just after France and thought to be the oldest Chinese community in Western Europe if not all of Europe with the first Chinese coming from the ports of and in the early 19th century many thousands of whom settled in port cities such as Liverpool in 1804 and earlier..Today many Chinese families and communities have been in the UK for several generations. These communities have an active ethnic life with many activities and support networks for members but have also integrated into the British community at large.

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