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A Good Sign for Kleenex Sales?- More Chinese Women Remaining Single

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 21, 2011

China has some challenges, some natural some man made, and then there is a combination of the two. For instance, due to the barbaric one-mistake policy, Chinese can only have one little brat, for the most part. This has lead the saintly Chinese to do the logical thing and kill off baby girls-allegedly, so they can have a son. The result is about 30 million extra Chinese men. This would not be a big deal if these new post 80’s looked like real men and could attract women, but they often fail. Frail bodies and spaghetti strap arms leave them a little empty in the ‘he man’ area.
Many of the women, however, as equally as dismal, after all, who but the French want their wife to have a crop of hair in their armpits and abysmal oral hygiene. Actually this confluence of factors should cause great joy in the center kingdom, kind of like being kimono dragons, who one would must assume need be a fellow kimono dragon to find them attractive. But this does not appear to be the case. For the women do not seem to revel in the company of their male counterparts and many are choosing to stay single. According to them it is by choice, but I have my doubts. Upon arriving in China I heard that if a woman is 28 and above and not married, she’s a pariah, destined to spend lonely nights waiting for her boss or another a cheating hubby to give her a jingle for some late night loving. But on the other hand, it’s been reported by Chinese women that the typical guy here can’t run the flag all the way up the pole and the ladies claim that the guys suck in bed (all of which I’ve blogged previously).
So which is it? This article says that the women thought marriage would not bring them happiness. I guess the prospect of coming home to a nubby, shaved domed 5 foot 2 inch man who reeks of garlic and cheap Chinese beer whose first words to her are ‘food’ and ‘ I’m going to KTV’, do not a lifes dream make. Thus the article says that economic independence give the ladies the freedom to eschew the ‘traditional role of a female’, thus leading them to the traditional role of a loud mouthed angry skank whose winy voice while trying to sound like a little girl does nothing less than exaggerate her real age making her looking all the more desperate.
But I can’t help feeling sorry for the guys. First off there are too many of them, then if they can find a wife, which it seems is more difficult, they have to put up with her bullshit and if they cannot….

it leads me to the following conclusion…

Kleenex sales should increase dramatically in China

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China, The Words Bad Apple- Faking Apple Stores in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 21, 2011

Here is an interesting story about China and surprisingly enough, knockoffs. According to the report, the Chinese are faking entire stores. This got me to thinking that it’s true that Beijing really only has two Apple stores but by Yonganli and Dawanglu SOHO I have seen two stores that appear to be Apple stores as all of the sales people are dressed as such, but the signs outside say something different. I will investigate tonight…

Here is the story from Yunan and maybe tomorrow I can post stories and pics about the ‘Dragonstar’ Apple stores…

“SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Chinese counterfeiters have had a field-day pumping out knockoffs of Apple Inc’s best-selling iPhones and iPads but one appears to have gone a step further — a near flawless fake Apple Store that even employees believe is the real deal.
The store in Kunming was stumbled upon by a 27-year-old American blogger living in the city, the capital of China’s mountainous southwestern Yunnan province.
Complete with the white Apple logo, wooden tables and cheery staff claiming they work for the iPhone maker, the store looks every bit like Apple Stores found all over the world, according to the blogger, who goes by the name “BirdAbroad.”
But Apple has no stores in Kunming and only 13 authorized resellers in the city, who are not allowed to call themselves Apple Stores or claim to work for Apple.”
Continue here

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Rant on China by The King

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 21, 2011

Funny rant by Gowron aka the King

For my people being “money buddhists”. invoking the Buddah for “Good Fortune and Wealth”, and praying to Gyan Yun for such blessings instead of world peace and a release from the “Matrix”, and excusing good Karma as not the scientific principle of if you do healthy things, (ie to the economy, infrastructure you reap good things, back, ie longer lasting SAFE buildings, machines, economy), you REAP good things back. For instance if you don’t take care of your health, drink Bac Jao and don’t floss and smoke your teeth is going to get all fucked up.

If you DON’T shit in the streets then you don’t tract shit in your house and get sick.

That if you take care of your escleators and take the 3 weeks every 15 week cycle to clean it out, It won’t go crazy, and if you design cars safely they won’t explode in your face…… But yeah, it’s always whitey’s fault isn’t it. *face palm*.

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Another Day in China, Another Building Collapse

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 21, 2011

China builds a lot of structures and some of them are even good, allegedly. but this place is not one of them. One of the big wigs of the red party said that the typical lifespan of a structure in China is 30 years, compared to that of 72 in the US and 130 in England. How scary is it to think that in about ten more years all of these ‘new’ homes will be hitting the big 30. What do you think the Chinese skyline will look like then?

Apartment building cave-in in Harbin,no casualties reportedphoto. [Photo/CFP]

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Another Pic of 2 2 When She Was a Baby

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 21, 2011

In this photo 2 2 was a noob and just to see how small she was, she is drinking from a bottle cap…..Baby Picture of 22 my rabbit

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Baby Picture of 2 2 My Panda Rabbit

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 21, 2011

Photo of my Chinese panda rabbit 2 2

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Photo of the Forbidden City in Beijing

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 21, 2011

This place is huge and has 9,999 rooms. It was the home of some chubby little guy who by virtue of the fact this dad was the head honcho, then became the head honcho, kind of like Bo Xilai and Xi Jinping- allegedly. But anyway this place is huge and used to be the home of the king and his wives.
Photo of forbidden city China

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Asian Store Called ” Nigger King”

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 21, 2011

Saw an article about an store in TW that has an odd sounding name. The name is Nigger King and I guess the owners of the store do not quite feel the fact that the word nigger is seen as a pejorative and we cannot say it. But then again, how un-cool would it be to have a store called,
“The N-word King store”

Here is a shot of what has to be one of the most politically incorrect stores in the world.
From here nigger‑king.jpg

700 × 525 – Proof: http://www.therealtaiwan.com/niggerking/724
secularcafe.orgPhoto of nigger king store

Incidentally it then had to change its name to Nigga king, no kidding.
Photo of nigga king store

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Timeline of Product Recalls From China- Long List

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 21, 2011


Photo from newser.com

Ok, I posted that I was bored and googled something like shitty Chinese products and got some cool results here. Actually uncle chicom is messing with google so I had to yahoo it, but yahoo pisses me off as they censor too many things for the reds. But anyone, the one I really wanted to see was www.badchineseproducts.com but it must be blocked.
After that I saw a site called whosucks.com and believing that the owners of that site may share my world view. I think it is amazing to read about all of the crap they produce in this country.
The post can be found at this site

Dangerous Made-In-China Products: 2007 Timeline

With recent high-profile incidents involving dangerous goods imported from China, the American media has finally begun to warn consumers about the dangers of cheaply producing goods in a country hardly known for its strict safety regulations. After spending some time digging through product recall press releases, we’ve found that the mainstream media is still only reporting the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dangerous products imported from China. Here’s a timeline we’ve created, which shows the huge amount of faulty/dangerous Chinese product scandals so far this year [this list will be regularly updated]:

January 2007

  • Toxic Overalls: Samarra Brothers recalled Chinese-manufactured children’s two-piece overall sets because the coatings on the snaps in the overalls and shirt contain excessive amounts of lead, posing a serious risk of lead poisoning and adverse health effects to young children.
  • Fire Hazard Heaters: Family Dollar Stores recalled 35,000 oscillating ceramic heaters that were found to overheat and smoke, which could pose a fire hazard to consumers.
  • Bad Wiring In Fans: Holmes Group recalled about 300,000 Chinese-manufactured oscillating tower fans that were found to have bad wiring that creates a fire hazard.
  • Dangerous Candles: Sally Foster recalled over 46,000 sets of imported Tea Lights candles after it was reported that the candles have a clear, plastic shell that can melt or ignite, posing a fire or burn hazard to consumers.
  • Dryers With Electrocution Hazard: Metropolis Beauty recalled about 18,000 Travel’N Baby Mini Hair Dryers, which were not equipped with an immersion protection plug to prevent electrocution if the hair dryer falls into water. Electric shock protection devices are required by industry standards for all electric hand-held hair dryers.
  • Improperly Wired/Flammable Lamps: Hong Ten Trading recalled about 4,000 electric oil lamps that had power cords that were not correctly secured and had no strain relief on their switch housing. The switch housing was also not flame-retardant, which poses a fire hazard.

February 2007

Continue here http://www.who-sucks.com/business/made-in-china-2007-danger-timeline?dem_action=view&dem_poll_id=20

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Funny Comment from Mylaowai.com

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 21, 2011

Mylaowai.com is a gem of a site. The author has a depth of understanding about China that is probably lost on many. He does not post as often as before, but has a ton of stuff to go through. Aside from the posts, some of the comments are ace as well. I reblogged one by nips are great and now found a pretty good one from mylaowai as well. Imho, he has captured the essence of the China experience.

comment from mylaowai here.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 at 11:17Right, so by your ‘logic’, China produces at a competitive advantage… what? Let us see:
Poisonous foodstuffs… check.
Lethal medicines… check.
Exploding car parts… check.
Dangerous children’s toys… check.
Corruption… check.
Cheap weapons for brutal dictatorships… check.
High tech trains… Nope, but they do steal the tech well, so maybe a half-mark there.
Pollution… check.
Ugly men with no balls… check.
Skanky women with plenty of balls but no soul… check.
Fictitious accounts of historical events… check.
Bad feelings with absolutely every single neighbour… check.
So yes, you might have a point. But then again you might be a bit of a nonce. I’ll let the viewing public decide for themselves (I can say that because whilst I am in China, this blog isn’t).

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