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Photo of the Forbidden City in Beijing

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 21, 2011

This place is huge and has 9,999 rooms. It was the home of some chubby little guy who by virtue of the fact this dad was the head honcho, then became the head honcho, kind of like Bo Xilai and Xi Jinping- allegedly. But anyway this place is huge and used to be the home of the king and his wives.
Photo of forbidden city China

One Response to “Photo of the Forbidden City in Beijing”

  1. Instead everyones eating specially prepared..vegetarian plane food and reading the Nation…This is going to be the Super Bowl of protests weve been told. By and..large this angst is not irrational and its not knee-jerk protectionism…Critics are worried that the WTO values corporate commerce over democracy and..that it tramples on environmental labor and human-rights issues because it..has the authority to junk local standards and protections it views as.. barriers to free trade.

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