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Timeline of Product Recalls From China- Long List

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 21, 2011


Photo from newser.com

Ok, I posted that I was bored and googled something like shitty Chinese products and got some cool results here. Actually uncle chicom is messing with google so I had to yahoo it, but yahoo pisses me off as they censor too many things for the reds. But anyone, the one I really wanted to see was www.badchineseproducts.com but it must be blocked.
After that I saw a site called whosucks.com and believing that the owners of that site may share my world view. I think it is amazing to read about all of the crap they produce in this country.
The post can be found at this site

Dangerous Made-In-China Products: 2007 Timeline

With recent high-profile incidents involving dangerous goods imported from China, the American media has finally begun to warn consumers about the dangers of cheaply producing goods in a country hardly known for its strict safety regulations. After spending some time digging through product recall press releases, we’ve found that the mainstream media is still only reporting the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dangerous products imported from China. Here’s a timeline we’ve created, which shows the huge amount of faulty/dangerous Chinese product scandals so far this year [this list will be regularly updated]:

January 2007

  • Toxic Overalls: Samarra Brothers recalled Chinese-manufactured children’s two-piece overall sets because the coatings on the snaps in the overalls and shirt contain excessive amounts of lead, posing a serious risk of lead poisoning and adverse health effects to young children.
  • Fire Hazard Heaters: Family Dollar Stores recalled 35,000 oscillating ceramic heaters that were found to overheat and smoke, which could pose a fire hazard to consumers.
  • Bad Wiring In Fans: Holmes Group recalled about 300,000 Chinese-manufactured oscillating tower fans that were found to have bad wiring that creates a fire hazard.
  • Dangerous Candles: Sally Foster recalled over 46,000 sets of imported Tea Lights candles after it was reported that the candles have a clear, plastic shell that can melt or ignite, posing a fire or burn hazard to consumers.
  • Dryers With Electrocution Hazard: Metropolis Beauty recalled about 18,000 Travel’N Baby Mini Hair Dryers, which were not equipped with an immersion protection plug to prevent electrocution if the hair dryer falls into water. Electric shock protection devices are required by industry standards for all electric hand-held hair dryers.
  • Improperly Wired/Flammable Lamps: Hong Ten Trading recalled about 4,000 electric oil lamps that had power cords that were not correctly secured and had no strain relief on their switch housing. The switch housing was also not flame-retardant, which poses a fire hazard.

February 2007

Continue here http://www.who-sucks.com/business/made-in-china-2007-danger-timeline?dem_action=view&dem_poll_id=20

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