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Idaho Selling Itself to China?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 23, 2011

I have read about this proposal called prop 60 in Idaho. I will cut and paste parts of an excerpt explaining it below, but in a nutshell it seems to me that some politician in Idaho is trying to sell land to the Chinese, as in government. Which in and of itself is fked, but then he wants to allow them to make a development zone. …
I guess I have a problem trusting the Chinese to do what’s right, so if we give them carte blanche to own land vz an industrial center, what will they be doing? The chinese and their companies are like foolish little kids who need oversight or will usually do the wrong thing, so I really don’t see why this guy is kow towing to the Chinese of all people.

from here
In a letter proudly publicized on a state-sponsored website, Idaho Governor Butch Otter Idaho’s Gross Domestic Product” by creating “quality jobs for all Idahoans by fostering systemic growth, recruiting new companies to Idaho, and selling Idaho’s trade and investment opportunities to the world.” The following is from Governor Otter’s announcement of the plan known as Project 60.

,,,,,There is in Governor Otter’s letter nothing of substance, plenty of weasel words, and an extraordinary display of misdirection all designed to lull the citizens of the sovereign state of Idaho into a stupor while their state is sold to the Chinese.

A recent article described the goal of Project 60 in slightly less rosy terms. “Idaho, under the stewardship of Governor Butch Otter, has opened the door for a Chinese invasion….

The “impetus” is a two-pronged attack on Idaho’s domestic workforce (read: the middle class). First, through Project 60, foreign business interest are encouraged to take advantage of favorable national immigration laws.

Specifically, “The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service administers an immigrant investor visa program called EB-5. The program grants foreigners permanent U.S. residency in exchange for helping create U.S. jobs.” This prong will facilitate the immigration of Chinese nationals into the United States for the purpose of establishing a Chinese industrial beachhead in Idaho, under the guise of creating U.S. jobs.

The second phase involves the granting of tax breaks to the foreign companies. In exchange for an investment of between $500,000 and $1 million (depending on whether the target zone is rural or urban, respectively), the foreign investor receives tax incentives.

A story published recently on cnsnews.com explains how Idaho’s plan dovetails perfectly into the overall scope of China’s economic policy vis a vis its holdings in the United States.

…The Chinese, by wisely divesting itself of American treasury securities, can take advantage of our federal system (the co-existence of two equal sovereignties) and keep its fingers in American pies by establishing powerful outposts in the 50 states, thus by-passing the chokehold held over the national economy by the bust/boom cycle perpetuated by the Federal Reserve.


The specifics of the wheeling and dealing between Idaho’s state government and their Chinese counterparts are unclear with a few exceptions. What is known is that “top Idaho officials have been traveling to China and entertaining the Chinese here, in order to help facilitate this.”

The result of these junkets? American Falls, Idaho will soon be home to a Chinese-owned fertilizer plant. A significant swathe of land south of Boise (about thirty thousand acres) was bought by China, a purchase Idaho’s governor promises will “reinvigorate our American industrial base.”

Idaho may be leading the race to court China, but according to The New American’s own Bill Jasper, Idaho’s southern neighbor is running full speed toward that same goal. From Jasper’s article published last month:

Utah’s Governor Gary Herbert, who led an April 2011 trade delegation to Beijing and Shanghai, said he was amazed by the scale of Chinese development and construction and impressed by the business community’s “embracement of free market principles.” Utah will host Governors from China’s provinces at the U.S. National Governors Association in Salt Lake City this July.

Governor Herbert got considerable help with China connections from former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, who has served for the past couple of years as the Obama administration’s ambassador to China. Huntsman, the millionaire scion of the famous Huntsman chemical empire, is leaving the diplomatic corps to throw his hat in the GOP 2012 presidential sweepstakes. His ambassadorial slot is being filled by U.S. Commerce Secretary — and former Washington State Governor — Gary Locke, also an enthusiastic China booster.

When confronted directly by constituents with questions about the ethical, practical, and national security implications of questionable business deals with the communist-controlled “People’s Republic,” the usual response from the China boosters is a flippant remark along the lines of: “Heh, heh, don’t you know, China is Communist in name only; they’re more capitalist than we are.”

Constitutionalists of all states must voice their opposition to the wide avenues being paved for China into our state economies. These agreements may soon leave us without the the check on “all encroachments of the national government” our Founders intended the states to be.Photo of Idahoan who is selling Idaho to China

While this may sound alarmist, I would bet that to most of us who have lived here, we agree whole heartedly. After seeing how these people do business, their treatment of human rights and workers and how they disdain anything legal, it’s scary to think of them coming to my home country en masse.

7 Responses to “Idaho Selling Itself to China?”

  1. Daniel Bos said

    The Chinese are allowed to buy politicians in the US, but not land?

    • wtdevflnt said

      Hey Daniel long time no hear….. no they are buying both, the fat headed guy in the pic and the land. But I am sure it’s all part of the peaceful rise

      • Daniel Bos said

        Yeah, Google+ is taking up most of my free time…

      • wtdevflnt said

        Hey DB yeah, I noticed you were gone, thought they got wise and tossed you back to nl….how is Google +, my vp is down so I have not gotten on.
        Daniel has an excellent blog which seems to exude ‘disappointment ‘ in the land of corn, hogs, wheat and milk. He has just posted a new artie about terrorists taking down uncle Sammie here.. HIs post is actually very good and factual, it’s nice to bring this stuff to our attention lest we forget. I will reblog it in a bit, but you can go and give him some love in the meantime…

  2. MyLaowai said

    This may come as a surprise, but I’m all in favour of it. America will sell the Chinese over-valued assets at inflated prices, and buy them back on the cheap when the new owners inevitably go bankrupt. That way, capital will flow back to the U.S., the Chinese will get a lesson in doing business that the Japanese learned in the Eighties, and the yanks will not only get to complain about it all; they will also be financially better off, especially the big corporations who will use the opportunity to further reduce the already pathetically low minimum wage for struggling workers (who are mostly from Mexico, because the average white American is afraid of work). Everyone wins, except the Mexicans and the Chinese, and since that’s also known as “the American Way”, white America will rest easier at night.

    Did I miss anything?

    • wtdevflnt said

      Shhhh. The chicoms never heard about that. Remember, back then it was all about the power grabs, slaughtering the young guns from the uni’s and laying blame…..(re Japan)
      Did you miss anything.. hmmm….only one thing. While I whole-heartedly agree with all you have to say, as a corn fed American there is one thing that I find upsetting about all of this. The thing is that when the Japanese took off, they cleaned up after themselves. My fear is that when uncle chicom clears out the place will stink of urine, cheap hookers, cigarettes and those seeds that eat all day long. Aside from that I think you have a good command of it all…

      his take on the chinese train derailment

  3. Daniel Bos said

    Except that the Chinese are buying it with the heaps and heaps of soon to be worthless dollars they have collected 🙂 The land they buy, even at inflated prices, is a better investment than keeping Dagobert Duck style warehouses full of dollars!

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