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Why Living in China is Compelling

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 23, 2011

Some people may think your humble author/agitator grumbles quite often and if said man is so unhappy in the center of the universe, then why doesn’t he just go home…

Well, I was thinking about that and then I got bored and finished The Long March by Sun shuyun…. and then it hit me.

Actually I don’t care much for history as its boring, dusty and reminds me of old people snoozing, it is not my cup of tea. But Chinese history, and no I am not talking about alleged history or stuff over 400 years old that no one can prove with the exception of some pin-member- ed nitwit who is a devout ‘motherland China’ supporter and commands that  this ancient piece of dog dung lying beside the half pinted corpse of an elder is proof positive that China started the domestication of all animals, or other such nonsense.

No, your chunky teller of tales chooses to research the more recent history, say no more than 150 years for at least we can get a more impartial view, or at least both sides of the story. In any event, i finished the afore-mentioned book and it is quite good. It demystifies much of the bullshit the party preaches about this thing called the long march, which the party proclaims to be Mao et. al’s heroic march into history but Sun’s book tells a different tale. In her work she describes how the early communists stole, lied, cheated, killed and were nothing more than a hodge podge of ignorant villagers who for the privilege of sleeping with a female soldier named  ‘wang’ (this is true)  or others, joined the vaunted red army ( minor exaggeration on my part). Sun then goes on to retrace the long march and give a more truthful tale of what transpired. The short version is that Mao et. al. had a lot of luck, Mao was cunning and had no heart and the marchers were pretty much shanghai’ed into the whole thing.

But then I started to think wtf I would read about this place when in all honesty I don’t care for history and then it hit me…


What I mean to say is that all of the craziness that this place is capable of defies one’s imagination as to what ‘civilized’ people could do. For instance in the book the lady named Wang has sex with men so they will sign up and then she gets captured but remains loyal to the party even though they kicked her out. She talks about sleeping with guys and still sings old party songs, wtf? You cant make things like this up. Then you see that these long marchers who probably should get some respect were tortured in the cultural revolution by a punch of young thugs and punks who will soon be running this place and again you go wtf?

I love to read and I love to write, but it would take a man like Stephen to even begin to create a horror story like this place and even then he probably would fall short. Reading Chinese history is like a great psyche class where you just shake your head and say ‘ damn what were they thinking of ?’ It reminds me of that one experiment where some shrinks tried to explain how people could obey fierce dictators and they cajoled them into ‘shocking people’ (Milgram experiment here). But that was fake (the shocking) but this stuff is real.

Although the marchers may almost all be dead, their legacy lives on. And much of what Mao taught still lives on although the current rulers are no where capable of doing what he did, imho. But the truth of the matter is that I now know why the Chinese want to hide so much of their recent history, its barbaric and mind blowing. And the sad thing is that it was mostly Chinese on Chinese madness, making it even more mind boggling. Maybe its just me, but living a soap opera of a country is a pretty compelling reason to stay.

io9.com photo from here

300 × 164 – Does fake torture save real souls?

6 Responses to “Why Living in China is Compelling”

  1. gowron said

    come on, you can’t fool us, the reason why you’re REALLY here in this land of sweat and piss, is because the money is too good. I’d actually stay longer now that business is picking up, but, for fear of my sanity, (what good is making house money or school money, if I can’t spend it for a house), is because…. we want to make as much as we can before this country goes pig belly up. Or I am anyways, The though of spending another Christmas, birthday, and hockey season in this better than most Asia (OUCHHHHHHHHH) piss hole is making me very very depressed,but I chould have enough for school money, AND a house, (if I invest it too I can get “something” from my oddesy in to the 8th level of BUDDIHST AND CATHOLIC HELL the one where false teachers have their heads deep in these squat toliets….. and after breathing this shit literal, I think I’m either going to have Parkinsons…. But yeah.

    Say what business are you in?

    • gowron said

      Like I NEED AIR, I need a bath tub! I need AIR!!!!!!! IT’s like that scene on Ace Ventura where he’s controling a robotic rhino in the Sarengetti, to eaves drop on two suspects. The fan burns out, (obviously made in China), and the air can’t circulate…. It’s sooo hot this morning….. soooooooo hot hot hotttttt. feeling hot hot hot…. Hothot the Inner Mongolian city of riots.

    • wtdevflnt said

      You can definitely save and it is convenient, but really King, part of the allure is that it is like watching an impending train wreck… but yeah I gotta agree with all you said!

    • Pudding said

      I’m all for watching. I find it quite interesting. I don’t know about you guys, but I still haven’t found the payday job. Damn. Guess I’m going to be here even longer.

  2. Jack W said

    Compelling for business because they will do anything for a buck. They sell their daughters and sons into slavery and or prostitution. And if this is not enough, they will poison their land and air just so they have a penny more than the guy living next to them. All hail China.

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